Easy way to install a floating sign

DIY home deco can be so much fun when you manage to get what you have imagine as the outcome. But most of the people will face difficulties and trouble while doing it. I’m facing that too! (cough!)

But not to worry, I am super expert in installing a floating sign, (after several time of failure). But trust me, this is the trick that you should know in installing floating sign. But before we go further, below are the tools needed for installing floating sign.

Tools Needed

Sign, cardboard template, level apps or level, pencil, measuring tape, scissors, double-sided mounting tape, and masking tape.

Step 1:
Make a levelled line using a specific apps or level tools, mark the center where you’d like to hang your sign using pencil.

Step 2:
Then use a measuring tape to mark the height and length of the sign on the wall. Make sure you add 1 to 2 inch extra.

Step 3: 
Place the cardboard template by using a masking tape. Make sure it is match with line on the wall and center as you wish.

Step 4:
Apply double-sided mounting tape to your sign. The amount of tape depends on the size of your sign. I recommend to use 3M strips which is heavy-duty and high-quality double-sided mounting tape to prevent the sign from falling off.

Step 5:
If you satisfied with the positions of your cardboard template, you can now remove the backing of the double-sided mounting tape and place your sign into the cardboard template.

Step 6:
Here is the best part! Slowly remove the cardboard template from the wall. And now, you can start to enjoy your sign that you installed on your own. It’s time to proud of yourself.

Finally thank you for reading and hope this will help you. Don’t forget to share the result of your floating sign with us, see you!    

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