Effects of Wood Products On Psychological Well-Being

Hello, darlings. How are you feeling today? I hope you are blessed with a pink of health. As you all might realize, almost 95% of Podo Craft’s products are wood-based materials. And do you know that wood-based products have healing properties relative to the human body? Hmm interesting but how so?

There has been a rise in environmental psychology over the past thirty years shows a universal acceptance that nature-based materials have a tremendous impact on humans and well-being. Based on studies carried out in Norway, Japan, Canada and Austria, wood seems to have positive effects on the emotional state of people, stress levels and overall health. Considering this, we are proposed to add wood materials to furnish and decorate our “healthy home concept” which in turn promotes the health and well-being of mind and body.

In ancient times, wood products were recognized being able to relieves fatigue, restores strength, restores the nervous system, improves sleep quality, increases physical activities and reduces blood pressure and pulse. WOW! That’s a lot of impressive benefits, right? But now we are talking about wood products effect on human psychological well-being.

“Wood has psychological effects on people and a similar stress-reducing effect to nature,” says Marjut Wallenius, a Docent and Doctor of Psychology at the University of Tampere.

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While we are talking about psychological health, we cannot exclude the most familiar issues like stress and anxiety. So, how does wood materials can be used to tackle these issues? Well generally, rooms with wooden element décor and furniture are strongly associated with terms like “warm”, “comfortable”, “relaxing” and “inviting” or “welcoming,”. In other words, these wooden structures are not only able to make a room feel warmer and cozier, but also have a calming effect. Hence, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the appearance of wood products may possess such stress and anxiety reducing attributes. Wood seems to have the power to regulate people’s levels of stress. According to a study, not even plants brought into a room fitted out in white had the same effect! Furthermore, while reduces stress and discontent in a person, wood also could help to improve creative thinking. Talking about throwing two birds with one stone, huh?

Another psychological property of wooden materials is their color. The color of wood can also affect the human psychological health. Dark colors of wood texture increase anxiety and sometimes can cause depression. By way of an alternative, light shades of wood able to create a feeling of peace, coziness and comfort. In addition to coloring, wood species also play their significant role. By choosing a specific wood species, you can influence not only the emotional state of a person but also his character. For example, you can develop a tolerance for people, self-confidence, self-motivation and get rid of excess energy.

The use of wood in interiors decors also seems to extend to human behavior and social observation. In home where wooden products were used, guests’ first impression was more favorable than in home where there were no wood decors. This is based on the positive emotional experience that wood causes, such as proximity to nature, warmth, homeliness and a relaxing effect. Wooden products give people a feeling of safety and being close to nature. It is especially interesting that the feel of wood is softer than other materials, not only physiologically but also psychologically.

Perhaps it is the familiarity of the look, feel, and texture of wood that resonates with people or perhaps wood appeals to a more subconscious need for comfort and safety. Whatever the case, though, it seems that humans generally respond favorably to appearance of wood products and this, in turn, may have beneficial psychological health effects related to general well-being, stress reduction, and even productivity the overall health impacts of furnishing materials and finishes.

Wood is an exceptional material that has benefits beyond just aesthetic and structural properties, and possibly beyond our imagination. While wood has ability to restore air in the house, maintain optimal humidity and keep warm, it will help you live in harmony with nature. It is time to look at this material in a different light and focus on its ability to create relaxing, healthy environments for people to live in.

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