GOODBYE 2021, HELLO 2022!

Good riddance, 2021! I recently realized that 2022 is pronounced like “2020 too”. Not that. I want a completely different year!

2021 was certainly different and harder than we all anticipated. Who knew from hitting zero Covid-19 case, we went breaching the 20,000-case mark? When we thought we had enough, Omicron cases detected in Malaysia, so unwelcoming!

While we have yet digested that unpleasant news, severe flood wreaked havoc in several parts of our country driven thousands of people from their home! Chaotic and disheartening! We sincerely pray the affected victims can find strength, courage, and resolve to ride out this storm. Let us all continue to donate and lend support where we can.

Despite the challenges that 2021 brought, the team at PODO STUDIO has done some amazing work, while also taking time to reflect and grow. We couldn’t have done this without support, collaboration, and solidarity from our community. Let’s recap what we have done this year.

2021 Highlights

  • In March, we went for a major team reshuffle. After taking everyone’s strengths and weaknesses into accounts, we delegated a suitable role and tasks while keeping all team members on the same page to make sure all of us working towards achieving the same team’s goals efficiently.
  • We also warmly welcomed three new team members on team. It’s definitely the best decision to have them onboard. Our little team is growing. We couldn’t believe we are a team of 10 now. Hope we can keep the momentum, even better in 2022.
  • In June, we decluttered our studio. We have a more systematic looking studio layout now. We strive to keep a positive, conducive and productive work environment for our team members.
  • Talking about decluttering, we cannot not include our home pantry “mini renovation” in September. We had a long discussion, sketching and re-sketching until finally putting the plans into action. The pantry looks pretty darned presentable now, at least, it has become the shooting spot for our pantry-friendly items such as the spice labels. Nubbad!
  • We worked together with many small business teams for various collaboration programs. It’s important to support each other especially during the trying time.
  • Launched Affiliate program. We’ve been working directly with our affiliate and actively planning towards completing the formalities of the alliance in 2022.
  • In November, we had a humble photo session with the team by the vast green paddy field of Sekinchan. We tried to create a “kampung”-ish vibe – an attempt possibly not fully successful but I think we did it rather decent for first timer, whatchuthink?
  • In early December, we participated in “Komuniti Kraf Keluarga Malaysia” for six days. We got the chance to mingle around the creative craft community and meet eye to eye with the visitors. Priceless experience!

That’s pretty much sum up the milestone we have hit in 2021. While celebrating the good things that happened in this 12-months bittersweet period, we want to embrace the hardships that we faced throughout the year as well. From hiring talented people, managing workflow, solving repeated IT issues, financial planning, increasing brand awareness, delighting customers, to keeping up with the industry trends. Did I miss anything?

It was a fatigue journey, I swear! During the earliest days of establishment, we have considered these challenges. We’ve looked at ways to help make these challenges more accessible, but there is no way to avoid them. As we look to 2021, we are thankful that we find ways to overcome the hardships. We know there will be many challenges, it’s inevitable. But we also know this past year has made us even more resilient and prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Anyway, we did a nice job this year. I love being self-employed and I still wouldn’t change it for the world. By saying that, I hope PODO STUDIO Team will never lose the spirit and eager for continuous improvement while balancing product quality and steady growth.

Not to forget, maybe this coming year we should all set our goals a little more realistically, take time for ourselves and take our foot off the accelerator a bit more. Spend time with the people that matter to us, give more than we take and do a good deed for a stranger now and again.

Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you in 2022.

With a better 2022 in our fervent hopes and plans, HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

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