Birth Detail Plaque-banner

Mark those precious newborn details in a unique, beautiful way, to be kept forever.


  1. Please leave your chosen name or wording in the space provided. Remember to check that all spelling is correct, as all text will be copied exactly. Text is case sensitive.
  2. Pop in the date, place, time,length and weight you’d like included.
  3. Select if you’d like holes and string or no holes


Material: 3mm natural basswood plywood

Size: 20cm in diameter.



Style not to your taste? Perhaps you’d prefer these designs instead.


In stock


  1. asfahlina

    Really love this Birth Details Plaque. It a must have collection to my babies. ????

  2. ielah.ameera

    I’m so in love with his plaque. Can’t wait to order for my baby. Have been stalking this since last year and i’ll make sure to have this for my baby ????

  3. norbaitisidek (verified owner)

    Bought this plaque for both of my daughters. Good quality and pretty too! Keeps stalking their ig to see their promotion

  4. Ezzatul ameera (verified owner)

    Terbaik. I tersalah tulis birth details my son & beri correction details on IG. But they already printed the wrong one, however still print a new one for me with all the correct details. KUDOS

  5. nsbmajid (verified owner)

    I ordered 6 items from Podo Studio last time. And this birth detail plaque was one of them. I’m really satisfied with all of the items – neat finishing, good quality and most importantly, they all look so sweet! Of course I can’t forget all the moments I gave birth to my precious daughter, but to keep the details through the birth plaque is something that just make me smile when I look at it. Thanks Podo Team. Looking forward to many more cool items!

  6. Amni Syamimi

    in love sesangat dgn birth details plaque ni. lama dh usha2 and then trus follow ig podo craft ????. for sure, saya nk beli satu utk baby saya since podo craft ada buat promotion, yeayy ????????????

  7. Hanan bakri

    Amazing dgn podo studio! One of my fav shop for shopping. Gonna order more and more!!!!!

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