JASMINE – Evoke love and peace, JASMINE symbolizes modesty; although the flowers are small and simple, they produce a rich, sweet fragrance. JASMINE is simple in design but totally worthy to be a part of any special moment introducing your little one to friends and family.

Boast your baby’s name while keeping on a right track of natural theme nursery. It’s absolutely the best affordable (but expensive-looking) addition to your nursery décor accents. And because it’s made from fine material, you can be certain that it will be there for a long time in your life.

Made from 5mm plywood.
Initial colour – White
Name font – Cursive

20cm x 20cm


*Ribbon is not included

Please note:
All signs are rough sanded and distressed and each vary slightly. All are rustic in nature and we love to accentuate the imperfections in the wood as a way to make each sign more unique. No two signs will be alike.

A name with fewer characters will likely reach the maximum height before reaching the maximum length. Longer names will likely reach the maximum length before they reach the maximum height. Mock up designs will not be sent if no instructions are left. Review care instructions for more info.




In stock

Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm


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