Personalized Round Name

Dimensions (for above image): Large Size: 35 cm x 35 cm


Available in two different sizes:
25cm x 25cm

35cm x 35cm

Extra Large
50cm x 50cm


1. Choose the size you would like.
Please ensure you’ve reviewed the size details carefully, before submitting your order.

2.Enter your chosen word or name that you would like. Two word maximum with 15 Character max. (Remember to check that all spelling is correct. All text will be copied exactly )

3.Choose the background color you would like. (black are matte in color)

4.Choose the font option

5. Choose text color that you would like.

Please note:

All signs are rough sanded and distressed and each vary slightly. All wood are rustic in nature and we love to accentuate the imperfections in the wood as a way to make each sign more unique. No two signs will be alike.

A name with fewer characters will likely reach the maximum height before reaching the maximum length. Longer names will likely reach the maximum length before they reach the maximum height. Mock up designs will not be sent if no instructions are left. Review care instructions for more info.



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Additional information
Weight 1 kg

Regular, Large, Extra Large


  1. Tasha shahar

    I have bought this for both of my son ! I really love ittt!! Sooo adorable!!!!

  2. Hanani

    I have been looking for a birthday present. Thank God I found this earlier. This would be a great present for my bestfriend! I hope she likes it.

  3. Fatin nabiela wan mohd azman

    Cantik sangat dijadikan hiasan utk bilik dah lama servay this podo craft! I will buy when i got 30% from podo craft!! ❤️❤️

  4. Siti Sarah kamaruddin

    Xsabar nk dapatkan diskaun nk order yg ni

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