Wall Peggy

Produced and designed by Flatpak.my.

PEGGY W50 & PEGGY W57 is a pegboard that is made from 18mm thk plywood with clear matte lacquer finish to be hung on the wall and comes with accessories:

– PEGGY W50 : 50cm X 50cm Pegboard
– PEGGY W57 : 57.5cm diameter Pegboard
– 7 pieces of pegs
– 1 piece of 12cm X 20cm shelve
– 1 piece of 12cm X 30cm shelve

Product Details: Material: Plywood
Finish: Clear lacquer
Overall Height W50: 50cm Width: 50cm ,
Overal Height W57 ; 57.5 cm Width: 57.5cm
Depth: 1.8cm
Total weight: 3kg

Disclaimer: Please note, the wood colour may vary due to its natural appearance.



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Additional information
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 5 cm


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