What is size matching and when would I need this?

You may need to size match your pieces when you’d like to display two or more names or words on a wall together. Maybe there are children sharing a bedroom, or perhaps you’re purchasing plaques to form a short sentence or quote.

When this is the intention, we can size match your order so that they sit together, beautifully balanced in terms of the height of each piece. If you’d like us to have our designer size match your pieces, please get in touch with us immediately after placing your order to let us know you’d like them size matched. Simply shoot us an email at [email protected] with the subject ‘size match’.

As per the size guides on each product, shorter names are likely to reach the maximum height, before they reach the maximum length. And longer names are likely to meet the maximum length, and so won’t reach the maximum height. This means if you have two names, one short and one long, they will be various lengths and heights if you don’t opt for size matching.

If you have any questions or concerns about the pieces you’d like displayed together, the best thing to do is to get in touch with us directly 🙂 We can be contacted via phone +60 11-1123 7013 from Mon-Friday (9am-6pm ), or send us an email.