Nursery is your baby’s first home and the space that welcomes them into the world should boast an inviting, calming, and fun atmosphere full of wonder. A baby’s bedroom is a space in the house where you can cut loose and indulge your sense of fun when decorating a nursery. Wonder how you could style your nursery with our PODO Craft products? Whether you’re starting from scratch or hoping to improve upon an existing space, you’re certain to find a healthy dose of inspiration here!

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Today’s nurseries are using neutral colours, wood tones and lots of texture to create a beautiful environment for baby, regardless of gender. The best part of a gender-neutral nursery? It’s a versatile look that can be passed down to a younger sibling one day or transition with baby as they grow.

PODO Craft’s items featured: Name Puzzle, Flower Mirror, Alphabet Poster & World Map Fabric Wall Hanging

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Earthy colours are back big time. Those beiges, browns and moss greens we grew up with are all big players in this year’s smallest rooms. Go bold with a full accent wall or mural, or keep it more subdued with textiles and accessories in these deep, warm shades.

PODO Craft’s items featured: Customized Scrabbles, Wood Name Plaque (Littlefeiyed) & Play Wooden Plaque in natural wood color.

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On the other end of the spectrum, pastels are also back on trend (or did they ever leave?). Cheer up all those sleek white and gray spaces with some soft, happy colors. Pastels pair perfectly with light wood and Scandinavian style that also remain on trend in 2022.

PODO Craft’s items featured: Flying Birds Set Wooden Wall Décor, Round Wooden Name Plaque & Customized Silver Mirror Acrylic Alphabet Plaque.

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In the same vein as nature themes and earthy neutrals, natural materials are also having their moment. Wooden furniture, wooden shelves and classic wood toys are a great way to incorporate this trend. Ensure that the furniture in your children’s room lasts a long time by picking neutral-coloured matching items, including a bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers.But don’t forget about kid-friendly plants, dried flowers, or pampas grass that can bring the outdoors in. Children have a strong sense of identity so don’t to mark their space with their name.

PODO Craft’s items featured: Wood Baby Name

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Wheat, tan, and light sandy browns combine in this all-beige room make this lounge area the perfect moody earth tone inspired space. This combination is not only timeless but can be customised by adding extras such as the hanging plushies which can be taken down as your child gets older. Make a display of books, teddies or dolls on a set of shelves. This is a great way of keeping toys off the floor, yet still to hand when your child wants to get one down. Our favourite part is the silky white hanging bed canopy that adding a texture in this room which really helps to lift this space and complete the earth tone aesthetic.

PODO Craft’s items featured: Flower Mirror and Round Customized Name Plaque

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Did you know starkly different colours rejuvenate the cognitive development of babies? Shades of blue with contrasting coral is a perfect gender-neutral colour pairing. Interestingly, black and white is another nursery colour pair that elevates your baby’s intellect, apart from scoring big on the gender-neutral front. Bright green and yellow is another pop pair diverging from gender colour norms. Don’t forget to add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor accents and stir up fond memories in the later years. The nursery must reflect this beautiful process of constant learning, grows and evolves.

PODO Craft’s items featured: Growth Chart, Customized Wood Plaque (Grow) & Blossom of Flowers Set Wooden Wall Décor

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If your child’s toys are as colorful and beautiful as these, consider open shelving units that allow you to show them off and keeps everything in sight. If you want to go the extra mile, you can color coordinate them too. Another idea is you can opt for cubbies filled with wicker baskets are perfect for storing toys out of sight and keeping a clean, modern look. Again, remember that not everything has to be tucked away out of sight. Books and other small toys can stay outside of baskets, so your child is more incentivized to reach for them.

PODO Craft’s items featured: Round Wooden Name Plaque & Play Wooden Plaque in black

The nursery might be a room for a baby, but that doesn’t mean its design has to be rigidly babyish. In fact, a nursery should be a reflection of your tastes as well as a comfortable space for your little one. Although at first, all newborns tend to do it sleep, it won’t be long until they see it as a play space that will spark children’s imaginations, too.


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