Wooden Learning Clock

This beautiful, minimal design is a beautiful way for parents to introduce their children to analog and digital clock skills.
This collection has been thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind. We are using acrylic plate so its easy to translate the clock position to digital time and its easy to erase too!

– High-quality solid wood
– Size approx 20cm wide x 23cm height



Only 2 left in stock

Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 0.18 cm


  1. adilah

    i have bought this superb wooden learning clock ⏰ cantikk gilaaa ???? easy to my kids carry everywhere ???? and the numbers at clock is very nice and clear. it’s worth buying. ????????????????

  2. sitihamizahsamsul

    Its look nice for decoration and yet functional for your kids education. This is definitely worth buying. ♥️

  3. ekaterina.edham

    It’s almost like it was meant to be… My child is at the age where they can start learning to tell the time and lo and behold, Podo Studio reads my mind and creates this lovely educational tool. This clock is absolutely beautiful with the amount of detail put into the minutes, right down to the little acrylic plaque to write on.

  4. dr.prodigy104

    The wooden clock is soo cantikk with a good quality wood. I love every bit of it dan tak sabar utk ajar anak2 about time. ☺️ Dia ada jarum besar dan acrylic plaques kat bawah utk tulis time dan boleh padam semula.

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